Tips on Preparing for a Dental Appointment

Tips on Preparing for a Dental Appointment

There aren’t many adults that look forward to visiting the dentist (and even fewer children). If you’re anything like the rest of us, the thought of having someone poke around your teeth and gums with tools might not be your cup of tea. Most people will want to get in and out as quickly as possible! If you’re one of them, here are a few tips to help you to reduce the duration of your stay – without sacrificing on the care that you receive from your dentist services.

Brush before visiting

Whether you’re appointment is in the morning, the afternoon, or in the early evening – there’s no better way to prepare your pearly whites for a check-up, than by brushing them. Instead of using regular toothpaste, you could just give them a once-over with a wet brush and some water. Your dental service provider will probably wash your teeth with a fluoride formula anyway, so the main thing is to clear food and debris from in between each tooth before visiting.

Don’t panic

Why people dread visiting the dentist so much isn’t clear – but just the thought of it can be enough to send a person’s mind spinning. If you’re a little concerned, then just remember that everything will be over soon enough. Whether you’re there for a quick spot of maintenance, or an extensive surgery to remove a wisdom tooth; stay calm, breathe deeply and relax – you’ll undoubtedly be home in no time at all.

Avoid sugary treats temporarily

If you enjoy a few sweets (or chocolates) from time to time, the layer of acid that can build up over your enamel can actually make the condition of your teeth look worse. In most cases, your dentist will know how to recognise permanent and temporary effects, but if they charge by the hour, you could end up adding to your bill by causing them to evaluate your teeth for longer than necessary. Before an appointment avoid eating sugary treats and opt for clean, fresh water instead – to help with flushing away plaque and tartar build-up.