Chocolate Gift Ideas on a Budget

Chocolate Gift Ideas on a Budget

For those of you that want to buy a loved one a tasty treat for their birthday, you might find yourself leaning toward the potential of chocolate. Whether your recipient prefers white, milk, or dark chocolate – if you’re keen to make them smile without damaging your bank account, then take a look at these chocolate gift ideas to help you to maximise their happiness, while saving yourself some hard earned cash.

Chocolate fountains

What better way to share the enjoyment than by renting a chocolate fountain for a day? All that you’ll need are a few bars of your loved one’s favourite chocolate, a couple of minutes to break them into chunks and the rest will take care of itself. The great thing about chocolate fountains is that they can keep the chocolaty goodness flowing for hours – so be sure to pick up a few cocktail sticks and some fruit for dipping.

Chocolate bouquets

If you don’t want to give your loved one a mundane selection of flowers, then why not put a clever spin on things by giving them a chocolate bouquet instead? They’ll undoubtedly love the idea – and what’s more is that rather than watching the flowers wilt, you’ll be able to share the tasty chocolate treats until there are no more of them left to eat!

Chocolate hampers

If your loved one simply can’t get enough of chocolate, then why not overload them with their very own chocolate hamper? You can pick and choose the treats that go inside without going over your budget – and you might even find that choosing the chocolates separately can go a long way in saving you money when compared to buying a luxury box.

Chocolate selections

There are dozens of stores that specialise in chocolate treats and plenty of them also offer an extensive range of selection boxes for people to share, or enjoy on their own. If you have a budget in mind, then why not go for one of these chocolate selection boxes instead of buying your treats separately? You might even be left with a few that your recipient isn’t too keen on, and that’s a win/ win in our books!